Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ravelry Stole Me Away

In October 2008 I signed up on Ravelry, the knitting social network. Since then I have put my projects on that website and ignored this blog. It's been two years since I looked on here. Now I realize how much I enjoyed posting my projects and thoughts. So I am back. I may try to catch up with some photos and lists of what I have accomplished in the intervening months.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snoopy's Crayons Sweater

When my daughter and granddaughter and I went to California in October, I visited a great little knit shop in Rocklin called Filati's. I loved all the knitted samples hanging about the store. Windy and Ember saw this little Snoopy's Crayons sweater and fell in love with it. It is made with Schaefer Yarn (Hand Painted Luxury Fibers) using Schaefer's Elaine Child's Cardigan pattern #111. It is 99% merino wool and 1% nylon. I used size 10 needles for the seed stitch borders and a size 11 circular needle for the body. One skein made this size 1 sweater. At $40/skein I am glad I didn't wait until Ember wore size 2! I had a bit of a challenge with the M1s until a new knitting buddy named Lynn helped me out with the left and right slanting technique. It will be a gift for my granddaughter on her first birthday on December 5th. I finished it this morning...just under the wire.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Photo Missing

Sorry I can't show you the beautiful yarn I purchased at an awesome little knit shop on my trip to California. I went to Filati's that I had read about on knitting blogs. It is in Rocklin not too far from Granite Bay where we were staying. All the raves proved to be true. A great shop with really helpful salespeople and a wonderful knitting vibe.

I made three purchases. A fat skein of hand-dyed yarn in bright Crayola colors to make a sweater for Ember. Also a tiny skein of tiny sock yarn to make her some tiny baby socks. And a hank of soft alpaca for my "California Socks."

On the trip I worked on my State Fair Socks. Still have a half to go on the second sock and those will be finished soon. This is my fifth pair now. I'm getting pretty good at this one basic pattern!

Coming up in the queue is a Feathers and Fan Shawl with the wool I won at the State Fair, a cap for Oliver, and the lace scarf I started for myself long long ago. Plenty to keep me busy on the cold winter nights that are coming soon. I've also laid in some fabric for quilting and some 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. Bring on the rain!

As you may have read on my other blog, postings are sporadic due to a home computer malfunction. Look for postings on Mondays when I can use my daughter's computer.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby Quilt

This morning it dawned on me that I better finish the pastel baby quilt before Ember is no longer a baby. My Kwilt Korner was dusty from lack of use during this strange summer. So I spent the morning cleaning, rearranging, organizing the little corner of my bedroom that is Craft Central. And this afternoon sewing up the little flannel blocks I bought a year ago when I first found out a granddaughter was on the way. I love quilting but it is harder here without the big studio I had in Missouri. is one of several activities on my list of things to do through the upcoming winter. The college will be forming a Quilting Group during Winter Term and I plan to participate. It helps to have moral support. Not to mention someone to ask about the challenges.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another Prize

When I went to pick up my State Fair items I got a big surprise. A basket of Imperial Hand Spun Hand Dyed Wool. This would have been the First Prize if I had won the Crochet Blue Ribbon. The judges apparently had second thoughts and gave it to me as they decided I should have had First Place. A rather unusual procedure and a bit odd, but I’ll take it, thank you very much. I would rather have the yarn than the ribbon! Over $100 value and the promise of projects for the winter knitting season.

So help me out here. What do you think I can make with all this beautiful wool? An afghan comes to mind and that would keep me warm and remind me of my State Fair sucesses. But perhaps something more creative. I've been knitting socks with light weight yarn and #1 needles so it will be a switch back to bigger needles and bulkier wool. I need suggestions!

2 Ply Skeins 4oz 200 yds
Total 4 skeins = 16oz 800 yds
Total 4 skeins @ 15.00 = $60.00

#01 Imperial Natural
#19 Fawn (beige)
#21 Raspberry
#125 Canyon Shadow Blue

Lopi 4oz 150 yds
Total 4 skeins = 16oz 600 yds
Total 4 skeins @ 13.00 = $52.00

#02 Pearl Grey (2 skeins)
#112 Heathered Wheat
#126 Spring Sage

Unlabeled Fat Skeins (weight and measure unknown)
Black 2 skeins
White 1 skein

The descriptions and colors are not on the Imperial Ranch website
but you can check out the colors on the Abundant Yarns website

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Red, White and Blue Ribbons

My entries at the Oregon State Fair won ribbons that I am very proud of. There were some absolutely beautiful examples of quilting, knitting, crocheting and other home arts and I am honored that my pieces were recognized.

My Legacy Star Quilt won a Blue Ribbon. It was featured in a special display on the floor of the huge Home Arts building and I was very proud to stand beside it for a photo. This is the second blue for this quilt that I made that first year of retirement in Osceola. It won at the Missouri State Fair in 2005.

The little crocheted Lollypop Afghan I made for Ember Louise won a Second Place Red Ribbon. It seemed so simple to make but it has gotten many raves for the basketweave pattern and the bright colors.

The lace Christening Cape and Scarf set won a Third Place White Ribbon as did the little tiny Pink Lace Hat. Both made for little Ember.

It is nice to know that others appreciate the work I put into these items. I love quilting and knitting and crocheting and it brings me a great deal of pleasure to create things for my family.
[Double click on images to enlarge.]

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh Say Can You Crochet?

You may remember I have mentioned many times that, despite the fact that I make afghans using yarn and a crochet hook, I really don’t know how to crochet. I never knew the names of the stitches and I had no idea how to follow a pattern. I know what knitting is supposed to look like so I can count the stitches and it is easy to spot a mistake. Crochet is a bunch of lumps and bumps and I have not gotten well enough acquainted with the intricacies of stitches to tell one from the other.

So…ta da…I took a class. There were four of us in the group at Yarn Garden and my experience with not knowing what I was doing but doing it anyway did put me a step ahead as the others were learning how to hold the hook. So I learned to make a chain, sc (single crochet) into that chain, and add dc (double crochet) for increased stitch height. I made a little square. A teeny tiny potholder.

Then I bit the bullet and started the project I have been wanting to make. I’ve had the pattern for months. That little bit of knowledge got me going and I got the bag started during the class. And I am clicking along here at home. When I get enough rounds of loops that the bag measures 12¨ I will hit a snag. Linda and Monica are standing by and the class instructor has made herself available by e-mail. So I am soldiering on.

You will agree I need another mesh market bag!